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10 x 16 inches jaw crusher specification and price

Le 17 February 2016, 09:30 dans Humeurs 0


Inch, as a measurement unit, is more used into Western countries, such as England, USA. However, in China, an Eastern country, inch is less seen in life. They are used to using meter or millimeter to measure goods. The discrepancy of measurement habit makes a big different in practical life. For example, when an England merchant plans to import a 10 x 16 inches jaw crusher from China, he should take care of the unit conversion.

In fact, 10 x 16 inches jaw crusher has the same specifications as 250 x 400 jaw crusher. The 250 and 400 represent 250 mm and 400 mm respectively. The detail specifications of 250 x 400 jaw crusher as follow:

Feed opening size: 250 x 400 mm

Maximum feeding size: 200 mm

Output size: 20-50 mm

Capacity: 5-20 tons per hour


From the specifications we can learn 10 x 16 inches jaw crusher belongs to the Mini Jaw Crusher. It has small capacity, feeding size and output size. Thus the price of 10 x 16 inches jaw crusher is cheaper. 10 x 16 inches jaw crusher is favored by small scale crushing for its feathers of low investment, high efficient and stable performance.



YGM 95 high pressure grinding mill VS YGM 85

Le 17 February 2016, 09:30 dans Humeurs 0


High pressure grinding mill is a new type grinding mill which is ameliorated at the basic of Raymond mill. Raymond Mill is a famous machine in grinding mill industry, it has lots of advantages and is favored by many people. High Pressure Grinding Mill is just assimilating its advantages while improving its dross. Thus in practical usage, high pressure grinding mill has more superiority.


High pressure grinding mill has a series models, it is often represented by YGM 65, YGM 85 or YGM 95. YGM 85 and YGM 95 high pressure grinding mill belong to medium models. The main specification difference between can be represented by a chart:


Feeding size (mm)

Output size (mm)

Capacity ( tons per hour)

YGM 85




YGM 95





The output size of the two types is same, but YGM 95 high pressure grinding mill has large capacity and feeding size. If the required capacity and feeding size are large, YGM 95 high pressure grinding mill is better.



Mini diesel powered rock crusher for sale Philippines

Le 17 February 2016, 09:29 dans Humeurs 0


Among all the mini rock crushers, there is a boundary and it divides the crushers into two general types: electricity powered and diesel powered crusher. These two type crushers play a role of mutual complementation. In some place electricity is easy to get, traditional mini rock crusher is often used, while diesel powered rock crusher, or called Diesel Engine Crusher, is widely used in other places.


Mini electricity powered rocks crusher has several types, such as mini jaw crusher, mini cone crusher, mini hammer crusher etc. While mini diesel powered rock crusher only has two types: diesel jaw crusher and diesel hammer crusher. Although the types of diesel powered rock crushers are less, they can be used into primary and fine crushing with different specifications.


Just for diesel powered jaw crusher, it is used for primary crushing and medium crushing. Several days ago, a diesel powered jaw crusher is sold for Philippines. With the capacity of 20 tons per hour and 10-20 mm output size, diesel powered jaw crusher is favor by the Philippines gentleman.

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